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Water Polo Rules

Water Polo Rules

Get to know water polo. Like all team sports, water polo is played to a series of rules. Find out how water polo matches are played and scored.

Water Polo Rules 

The basic rules of the game are:

Two teams compete to score more goals than each other by shooting into the opponent’s goal.

Teams consist of 13 players with only 7 in the water.

6 of the players are outfield and 1 is the goal keeper.

Teams have 30 seconds of possession to score a goal before the possession is turned over and the opponent has their opportunity to score a goal.

A player can receive a sending out of the field of play, this is called a ‘major foul’.

A player can only receive 3 ‘major fouls’ in a game before having to sit out the rest of the game.

During a ‘major foul’, the player will be sent out of the field of play for 20 seconds.

Games consist of 4 quarters and game time varies depending on the age of competition.

General pitch sizes varies depending on the pool but Men should be competing in 30m long pitches and Ladies in 25m long.

Full Waterpolo Rules

Here you will find the full Waterpolo rules

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