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Water Polo Performance

Water Polo Squads

The Wales squads regularly compete in events across Europe and Britain.

Water Polo Squads

The junior and senior squads compete with their main competitions being the North Sea Cup and EU Nations Tournament. In 2016, the venues were  Austria, Czech Republic, Malta and Denmark. The 2016 North Sea Cup will took place in Ireland for the junior squad, and Scotland for the senior squad.

All members of the squads must be attending Welsh Clinics.

To find out more information about specific details please contact your local club or the  contacts below: 

Junior boys 16-18  - John Evans - click HERE to email

Youth boys U12-16 - Darryl Ward - click HERE to email

Girls and ladies - Sian Smith - click HERE to email

Men - Mark Gilmour - click HERE to email

Waterpolo Clinics

Welsh Water Polo Clinic’s are held every month in the Cardiff International Pool (CF11 0JS) and are a chance for all squads to train.

New - Swim Wales Junior Waterpolo sessions for end year 2017

  • 5th Mar   - Clinic - Cardiff
  • 1st Apr   - Swansea Trg
  • 2nd Apr  - Clinic - Cardiff
  • 6th May  -  Swansea Trg
  • 7th May  -  Clinic - Cardiff
  • 3rd Jun  -  Swansea Trg
  • 11th Jun  - Clinic Cardiff
  • 1st Jul   -  Swansea Trg
  • 2nd Jul  - Cardiff Clinic 
  • 15th Jul - Swansea Trg
  • 2nd Sept - Swansea Trg
  • 3rd Sept  - Clinic - Cardiff
  • 17th Sept - Clinic - Cardiff
  • 7th Oct    - Swansea Trg
  • 8th Oct    - Clinic - Cardiff
  • 20/22 Oct - Junior u18s North Sea Cup - Edinburgh
  • 4th Nov   - Swansea Trg
  • 12th Nov - Clinic  - Cardiff
  • 25th Nov - Swansea Trg
  • 26th Nov - Clinic - Cardiff

Girls only

  • 22nd April
  • 27th May
  • 24th June

Swansea boys u18s training is by invitation only

Cardiff Clinics are open to all 10.30am to 2pm

Regional Training Centre dates for the Summer term 2017 at both Carmarthen & Newport

Friday evenings 5th May to 14th July - Term break will be announced by the RTC administrators