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Mini Polo

Mini Polo is the entry level introduction for young children into the world of Water Polo. It combines the basics such as throwing, swimming and catching and builds teamwork amongst young players.

Mini Polo 

Mini Polo takes place in a smaller pool than Water Polo, uses a smaller ball and goals compared to the full version of the sport and can take place in shallow water for those less confident. Basic rules make the game fun and entertaining. Polo can be found at many leisure centres and schools as an alternative to swimming. It generates a lot of fun in the water!

Aim Of The Game

To score as many goals as possible against the opposing team – whilst having fun!

Basic Rules

  • Two teams
  • One goalkeeper on each team
  • 4 x 4 minute quarters
  • The ball should not be pushed under the water
  • Teams get 30 seconds each to score a goal
  • If the pool is shallow or the players cannot swim yet, then they can stand up in the water
  • Once a goal has been scored the other team restarts the game at the halfway line
  • Players should be encouraged to throw and catch with one hand, however the entry level game should be fun so an allowance of using two hands can be made

How To Join

Please contact your local club to find out more information about joining.

Aberdare – Cwm Draig

Cardiff – Welsh Wanderers

Carmarthen – Carmarthen Water Polo

Swansea – Swansea Water Polo

Newport – Newport Swimming & Water Polo Club