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How To Run A Club

How To Run A Synchro Club

Running a Club is an important job undertaken by a group of dedicated personnel with individual roles. A well run club means increased opportunities and for the club achieve success in competitions.

How to run a club

You will find all the information you require to run a successful club HERE

Club Chairman

A Chairman oversees the running of the club and roles associated. Strong leadership skills coupled with the ability to develop a strong united club.Experience of establishing and working to strategic plans and objectives are desirable


Club Treasurer

The Treasurer of the club is responsible for producing and managing the club’s accounts and finances, and should report to the Club Chairperson. This role will include being responsible for all income and expenditure for the club.


Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer role is essential to provide a “first point of contact” for children and adults within the club who have a concern regarding the safeguarding of children.


Club Secretary

It is the Club Secretary who initially deals with all correspondence and communications, and is key to the smooth running of a club. The Club Secretary also provides a link between members, potential members and external organisations, e.g. pool operators, local authority.


Committee Members

The role of a committee member is to build effective relationships with Committee members ensuring all are committed to the common purpose. to build effective relationships with external partners as required by the Committee and supports and guide the Committee to make best use of their resources and capabilities.