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Learn to Swim - Splash


Splash is the introduction to the Learn To Swim experience. It is intended to support a baby or toddlers journey into the aquatic environment.

Splash Framework

The Splash section of the Learn to Swim Wales framework offers a comprehensive Learn To Swim programme for babies and toddler-aged swimmers.

Splash allows young swimmers to progress and develop their skills with the support of an adult in the water, through to being more confident and independent in the water and ready to transition into the Wave programme.

The Splash framework can be implemented with some flexibility, depending on provider and available pool space.

There are so many benefits to taking your baby or toddler swimming. But the first few trips to the pool can be quite a nervous experience for parents. In the majority of cases there is nothing to be concerned about (most babies can start swimming soon after birth).

It is important to remember that babies get cold more easily than adults, so be aware of the temperature of the swimming pool.

Many swimming lessons start from around four months, however parents are encouraged to check with their medical advisors before starting.

Benefits of Baby & Toddler Swimming

Swimming helps to improve co-ordination and balance. Babies who swim have tend to have a much better sense of balance and physical control on dry land

  • Working all the muscles of baby’s body helps to make them stronger as they grow
  • Swimming improves the strength of your child’s heart and lungs, and helps to develop their brain, reaction time, and co-ordination
  • Swimming won’t necessarily make your baby sleep through the night every night, but the extra exercise will help to make them sleepier (and can help to burn off excess energy in toddlers!)
  • Swimming can regulate baby’s appetite. The exercise and the warm water seems to help make a baby hungry, so make sure you have snacks and drinks for afterwards
  • Some parents can unknowingly pass on their own uneasiness around water. Going in the water with your baby will help them grow up with confidence about being in and around water, and it can boost your own confidence too!
  • Swimming provides quality bonding time for parent and baby. An unfortunate side-effect of busy lifestyles is that many parents wish they had more time with their children. In the pool, they have your undivided attention!
  • Swimming is one of our nation’s best-loved family activities and many children say it is their favourite aspect of family time and creates wonderful memories