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Training and competition programme

The annual training and competition programme for National squads runs throughout the season from September through to July each year, and provides appropriate training and competition opportunities for each squad relevant to age, experience and performance level. The programme is designed to improve technical, physical and physiological standards through relevant training days and/or camps, and improve competitive performance levels in challenging environments through exposure to high level international competition. The annual training and competition programme is developed in line with the Swim Wales National Squad Coaching and Sport Science Competency Frameworks and the following objectives:

  • Providing National squad training camps and competitions that have a clear purpose, rationale and set of objectives.
  • Providing international training opportunities for National Senior Elite and National Elite Development athletes that are linked to relevant high level international competitions.
  • Providing increased exposure to World class competition for all National senior Elite and National Elite Development squad athletes that are planned to complement the domestic competition programme and challenge athletes outside of their comfort zone.
  • Providing an introduction to appropriate high level senior International competition for National Youth development swimmers to encourage effective transition to senior international level.
  • Providing pool and land based training sessions for National Skills Academy, National Para Performance Centre and National Youth Development athletes that are progressive and designed primarily to improve athletic development, stroke technique, race skills and tactical awareness.