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Swim Wales Aquatic Recovery Fund 2021

Swim Wales, the recognised National Governing Body for Aquatic Sports in Wales, are delighted to announce our first ever Aquatic Recovery Fund (ARF) specifically aimed at supporting all of our valued affiliated member clubs, deadline for applications is Monday 31st May 2021.   This investment into Aquatic Clubs across Wales will ensure that financial resources are provided to fund projects from between £250 to £5,000. The total fund available for our affiliated clubs will be £100,000.

Swim Wales recognise the significant impact that COVID 19 has had on our member club activities and their members. By the time Wales comes out of lockdown and our pools are open in Spring 2021 registered members will have seen approx. 37 weeks (70%) of the membership year out of water. 

We hope that this fund will drive an active recovery across our club landscape, promote safe activity for members and encourage all of our community clubs to showcase the benefits of joining an aquatic club.

The fund will also cover the annual affiliation fee for the 2021/2022 year for all affiliated member clubs.

For more information and to apply for the Swim Wales Aquatic Recovery Fund, please see links below...

Swim Wales Aquatic Recovery Fund (SWARF) Application Form

Please click here to download the Swim Wales Aquatic Recovery Fund (SWARF) application form...

Click Here

Swim Wales Aquatic Recovery Fund (SWARF) Webinar

This webinar will provide you with all the useful support and information about the Swim Wales Aquatic Recovery Fund (SWARF) click here for more information...

Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many applications can our club make within to SWARF?

    Each club is only eligible to submit one application.

  • Can our club apply for SWARF if we have already received funding through another avenue?

    Yes. However, if any projects you wish to deliver could be funded by another scheme, this must have been investigated first before considering SWARF. Clubs that have already applied for any eligible elements through other funding streams can apply for further development of these projects or a new project. Any duplication of funding already received will not be considered.
    For information on additional funding opportunities, please click the link and follow ‘how to run a club’:

  • Can our club apply for any previously incurred costs as a result of Covid-19?

    No. SWARF will not consider any retrospective costs.

  • Can our club apply for loss of income for events in our competition calendar as a result of Covid-19?

    No. However, SWARF will consider contributing funds towards new pilot, trial events (when permitted) or costs connected to the Super Series so long as they clearly demonstrate the impact this will have on increasing the appeal of aquatics clubs, developing pathways, increasing membership (including tackling inequalities) or improving the quality of your clubs programmes.

  • Can our club apply for the costs to cover staff salaries?

    No. However, there maybe other grant opportunities externally available that you may consider to contribute to staff salaries.

  • Can I apply for a project that may not start immediately?

    Yes. However, all applied projects must be delivered by no later than March 2022.

  • How much funding can our club access and will our club be expected to contribute towards the funding projects?

    Clubs can apply for funds of between £250 and £5000 and a contribution of 10% to the overall project cost will be required.

  • What is the closing date for applications?

    Monday 31st May 2021.

  • Does the whole Management Committee and Head Coach need to sign the application form.

    Yes. The Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and the Head Coach are all required to contribute and approve (electronically sign) the club application regardless of whether they are leading on the application.

  • Does our club need to complete the ‘club solution assessment tool’ prior to submission?

    No. However, there is an expectation for this to be completed prior to the completion of the projects.

  • Do our annual accounts have to be for the period 2020/21?

    No as this will depend on your annual year end and AGM. We will accept the clubs most recent annual accounts.

  • Can I apply in Welsh?

    Yes. Please contact Swim Wales for more information.