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Sports Science and Medicine Support

Sports science and medicine (SSSM) support and education is provided in a progressive manner throughout the Swim Wales National Squad Pathway. The effective integration of SSSM staff and coaching staff is the key to an effective service and the Swim Wales SSSM team work side by side with the coaches to ensure expertise from a variety of specialist areas and practitioners (such as strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and performance lifestyle) is utilised to impact positively on performance and potential in the pool.

Sports Science and Medicine is primarily delivered through educational workshops at the National Skills Academy, National Para Performance and National Youth Development levels and focuses on providing swimmers / para swimmers at these level with a great foundation of knowledge, skills and strategies that will help them progress as performance athletes.

At National Elite Development level the delivery of sports science and medicine remains primarily educational but with a greater individual focus to help aid swimmers / para swimmers transitioning into senior swimming.

At National Senior Elite level, the delivery of sports science and medicine shifts from educational to bespoke one to one to enable each athlete to get the support they require to achieve success at the highest level of international competition.