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As you well know, leisure facilities and swimming pools across Wales closed their doors on 20th March 2020, since then the people of Wales have been without the opportunity to enjoy Aquatics activity & sports.

Before lockdown, 500,000 adults and children people were enjoying Aquatics in one of the 309 swimming pools we have in Wales. Many of these facilities will start to re-open over the coming weeks and we have the opportunity to both support our facility partners in building back up their numbers of customers AND share the physical and mental health benefits of aquatic activity with the Welsh public.Swim Wales is launching a national #GETINTOWATER campaign on Saturday 8th August. 


‘Get into water’

‘Ewch ir dŵr’

Our vision at Swim Wales is Aquatics for Everyone for Life and we want to use this opportunity to sign post the many learn to swim programmes, aquatic clubs, swim schools and recreational centres where activities are available to the people of Wales who wish to improve their physical and mental health, learn new things or just have fun!

‘Note – Please be aware that some aquatic sessions or lessons may not be available at your local leisure centre. We ask that you to be patient and considerate with operators as they attempt to implement new operations as a result of COVID 19 restrictions, Diolch’.

Campaign Pack

Campaign Pack

Please click here to download our Campaign Pack