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JustGo - Two weeks to go for Club Management

Swimming, Diving, Artistic Swimming , Water Polo, Education

Club management personnel have just two weeks to wait until they can configure their Club Profile in the new Swim Wales JustGo Membership system.

From April 1st 2022, affiliated clubs will be able to login to the membership portal to customise their Club Profiles and get a feel for the new system that will go live for your members on April 25th 2022.

The Club Profile provides an area for clubs to uniquely identify their club with their logo and colours, as well as housing a full overview of their members. Swim Wales affiliated clubs also have the ability to update information, pay their club affiliation fee and view and edit all their member information as required.

During the period before the live launch on 25th April 2022, Swim Wales will provide training, supporting documentation and resources to all member clubs throughout the setup process to ensure clubs and their administrators are able to configure their club profiles successfully. The support will include face to face virtual webinars and easy to follow user guides from JustGo. Swim Wales Membership team will also be available if you have any questions.

The new JustGo membership system will take membership servicing to an enhanced level of customer service and vastly improve functionality for our member clubs and their members on a bespoke Swim Wales system. The functional benefits will include improved administrative efficiency and communication, enhanced event management, secure online payments and improved communication between Clubs & their members and also between Clubs and Swim Wales.

You and your members can also take advantage of a range of optional Swim Wales benefits & rewards across high street stores and other outlets at a cost of just £5 a year. Just add the rewards package to your basket before paying your annual fees.

Swim Wales would once again like to thank clubs and their members for their cooperation during this changeover period and look forward to continuing to work closely with you as we all step into a new and exciting era for aquatics in Wales.

Please communicate with your members about the forthcoming change.