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Swim Wales Select Coach Development Programme

The Select Coach Development Programme will be a holistic development of coaching demands, with three streams being identified: - Technical, Management & Personal.

The programme has been set up to develop a cohort of coaches across Wales through the swimming network and pathway that can enhance and promote the delivery of the sport of swimming across the nation.

The coach development framework will greater enhance the coaches individuality and promote their understanding of coaching knowledge. Although not a recognised qualification, work will be undertaken in specific areas identified globally as to the needs of a World Class Coach that will not only enhance the coach but the clubs and athletes.

The coach development framework will also underpin the coaching practices that as a National team we expect, helping set a culture and behaviours that will contribute to medal winning performances. 

The programme of coach CPD will be an annual commitment to delivering through a variety of different initiatives and learning styles as listed below to fully ensure that any time spent away from the coach’s programme is intensive and a valuable use of time for all parties.

Not all areas may be covered in one year but we see this as a continual program of delivery over the years, with the current topics being reviewed.

Select Coach Development Information

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