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Swim Wales Membership


Whatever you want from your sport, a challenge, fitness, teamwork, friendship or that winning feeling, our aquatic disciplines havesomething for you. With a choice of Swimming, Diving, Open Water, Masters, Water Polo and Synchro, we cater for every taste. Joiningone of our Clubs isn’t just open to the young and nimble either, we have a thriving Master’s Community across the country.


  • CATEGORY 1 - £32.00 -  Under 10
  • CATEGORY 2 - £34.00 - Competitive 10 and Over
  • CATEGORY 3 - £22.00 - Non Swimming
  • CATEGORY 4 - £30.00 - Competitive Over 70
  • CATEGORY 5 - £22.00 - Non Swimming Over 70

**Please note from January 1st 2020 - 31st March 2020 all categories will be reduced to £15.00.**



As a Swim Wales Member you will receive a wide range of benefits and support, whatever level you are on, from beginner to elite athlete, from club volunteer to aquatics provider.

  • Insurance: Insured for all activities dry side/wet side, all training, competitions home and abroad
  • Association with the National Governing Body for Aquatics in Wales
  • Access to Policies and Procedures: Templates, policies, content and on the phone support
  • Governance: Welfare, Safeguarding, Parental Support, Members Support, Club structure and support in the region
  • DBS Facility as part of the safe recruitment processes
  • Affiliated clubs can apply for grants/community chest
  • Access to performance club structure, support and services
  • Competitions and development pathway to support swimmers
  • Legal helpline
  • Conferences/Best practice advice
  • Sport Recreation Alliance
  • NGB Accreditation/Quality Assurance Programme
  • All NGB staff support all members and clubs
  • Free Job Vacancy advertising on and social media channels

Online Membership System

For more information please refer to the Online Membership System Guide

Member Recruitment Process

For more information please refer to the Online Membership System Guide

Membership Exit Survey/Feedback:

When a member leaves it is important to gauge why they are leaving:

  •  What they most and least enjoyed
  •  Did they receive sufficient support
  •  Did they have sufficient training
  •  Would they recommend others to become a member
  •  How do they feel about the club
  •  What improvements do they recommend
  •  Anything else they would like to say