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Fundamental Movement

Following on from the Drill progression Framework CPD series we will be launching a series for Fundamental movement patterns to enhance the coaches depth of knowledge and ability to coach PRIME!

The content of this series will add to the knowledge already developed within the framework (Mobilise and Activate) to further enhance your coaching of land training.

There is currently a land training qualification being developed specifically for swim coaches but a date has not yet been released, with this in mind this series has been developed to give you the best opportunity to prepare in advance and gain further knowledge and confidence in coaching this area.   

The upcoming video series will cover the topic of Fundamental Movements Patterns. These movements are the foundational pillars of human movement which encompasses;

1. Squat, 2. Lunge, 3. Hip Hinge, 4. Upper Body Pressing, 5. Upper Body Pulling and 6. Anti Rotation Control of the trunk.

Athletes that demonstrate a high level of competency within these movement, are well equipped to build a broad base of athleticism. This will allow swimmers and athletes the ability to perform their chosen sport with confidence, reduce the risk of injury, demonstrate a higher degree of coachability and ultimately perform their sport at a higher level.

The content of these videos will cover a technical model for each movement pattern which will include the ‘Setup’ and ‘Movement Phase’. The video also includes a number of common technical faults for each movement pattern along with the coaching techniques and specific corrective exercises.

Fundamental Movement Patterns are key movements that should be included in all aspects of land based preparation for a swimmer. These movements can be taught and developed through the Pre Pool and gym sessions that are included within a swimmers training week.

We will be releasing a 40minute video from the series each month with the opportunity to follow the video with a 20minute Question and Answer session later in the week.

To access the videos you will need to register your interest here

** Please note these videos will not be made publicly available.