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Well done to all Aberdare Comets divers that competed Level X Diving Results - Series 2

Nofio, Plymio, Nofio Artistig, Polo Dŵr, Addysg
National, Performance

Well done to all Aberdare Comets divers that competed as Welsh Guests in Series 2 of Swim England Level X Diving Virtual Dryland Games 2021.

The ‘exciting’ saw entrants submit videos of themselves completing various dryland skills which will then be scored by a panel of judges.

You can view the full results here. Congratulations to everyone who participated! Swim England Level X Diving Dryland Games Series 2 

Aberdare Comets Diving Club

18+ Female Results

Regan Martin                     Group: Skills Points Ranking: 2nd Guest Ranking: 2

11-13 Female Results (72 Competitors)

Alesha Collins-Falconer  Group: Age Group Points Ranking:40th Guest Ranking:(56) G

Erin Huish                          Group: Skills Points Ranking:48th Guest Ranking:(64) G

Crystyn Jones                   Group: Skills  Points Ranking: 49th Guest Ranking: (67) G

Caitlin Devet                     Group: Skills Points Ranking: 51st  Guest Ranking: (71) G

14-17 Female Results (37 Competitors)

Taryn Ward                         Group: Age Group Points Ranking: 20th Guest Ranking: (26) G

Ffion Lightfoot                   Group: Age Group Points Ranking: 21st Guest Ranking: (28) G

Millie Roberts                     Group: Age Group Points Ranking: 22nd Guest Ranking: (30) G

Eva Davies                           Group: Age Group Points Ranking: 23rd Guest Ranking: (31) G

Ruby Hill                              Group: Age Group Points Ranking: 24th Guest Ranking: (35) G

Lydia Williamson-Price    Group: Skills            Points Ranking: 25th Guest Ranking: (36) G

8-10 Female Results (25 Competitors)

Olivia Devet                        Group: Skills Points Ranking: 20th Guest Ranking: (24) G