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Summer 2021 – ‘Festival of Swimming’ Update

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Summer 2021‘Festival of Swimming’

Swim Wales would like to update our affiliated member clubs regarding our intended delivery of the ‘Festival of Swimming’ in Wales, currently scheduled for August.

Whilst it is the intention of Swim Wales Events (in partnership with our host clubs) to deliver two long course competitions at Cardiff International Pool August 7-8th and Wales National Pool Swansea August 7-9th we would urge everyone to be aware of the following:

  • Dialogue is currently ongoing with the Major Events Unit of Welsh Government and members of the Sports Policy Division. Initially, we were hoping for a ‘natural lifting of restrictions’ in line with the 3 week review cycle that has been in place for over a year. This would allow these events to take place legally. However, to mitigate against a delay in decision making we have being pursuing a dual strategy to be given the green light by Welsh Government to be included in the Phase 3 Test Event Programme (By working closely with WSA, the National Sports Group, Welsh Government, Swansea Council & Cardiff Council on the approval of these events we will know shortly whether they are to be delivered as Phase 3 Test events allowing us to operate regardless of the announcement on the 15th)
  • The next Welsh Government review is due July 15th, with the announcement on Friday 15th July and any updates coming into force on Monday July 19th.
  • This announcement will outline the regulations under which these events must take place and therefore determine whether or not the events can be delivered.
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI) will remain open until July 5th, at which time the Swim Wales events teams will seed the entries confirmed places.
  • We advise any member travelling or arranging accommodation to ensure that any bookings are fully refundable.
  •  A final announcement on whether these events will go ahead will be made by Swim Wales Events on July 16th.
  • Swim Wales cannot guarantee at this time that these events will be delivered as planned due to the day to day nature of our negotiations with Government.

If you have any queries regards Festival of Swimming please email